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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by François La Haye, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. François La Haye

    François La Haye New Member


    I'm François From belgium.
    I'm very interested in meeting some like minded people
    because in my interaction with people i really feel "alone" talking to automated people.
    (guess i need to train my communication skills maybe)
    About me
    Spirituality of course :) (yes i love very general words)
    old passions
    music player jazz, rock, african and studying hindustani classical music now
    martial arts (kung fu and capoeira)
    Right now i'm studying chess

    Anyway anybody around belgium interested in meeting let me know,
    Anybody interested in chatting, well let me know also.

    Good day to you all
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  2. RayR

    RayR Administrator

    Hello François! Welcome to the forum. You're in the right place! Enjoy!
  3. roger2388

    roger2388 Well-Known Member

    Hi Francois. We have an HBI international discussion group. It meets on Sunday at 9.00am UK time zone on Google hangouts . You are welcome to join.
  4. roger2388

    roger2388 Well-Known Member

    Hi Francois. I've sent you a message explaining how to participate.

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