Google’s AI Can Now Translate Between Languages It Wasn’t Taught to Translate Between

Discussion in 'Science & Technology' started by Raymond, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Raymond

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  2. RayR

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    This is the kind of AI tech that leads to what Eric calls the 2% - the things that God couldn't predict.

    AI starts with hardware and software - probably a quantum computer and programming. There's 4 types of AI:

    1) Reactive machines - AI is purely reactive and cannot form memories or use past experiences to learn from.

    2) Limited memory - This contains machines that can look at the past - like for driverless cars.

    3) Theory of mind - the understanding that people, creatures and objects in the world can have thoughts and emotions that affect their own behavior. If AI systems are indeed ever to walk among us, they’ll have to be able to understand that each of us has thoughts and feelings and expectations for how we’ll be treated. And they’ll have to adjust their behavior accordingly.

    4) Self-awareness - This is, in a sense, an extension of the “theory of mind” possessed by Type III artificial intelligences. Consciousness is also called “self-awareness” for a reason. (“I want that item” is a very different statement from “I know I want that item.”) Conscious beings are aware of themselves, know about their internal states, and are able to predict feelings of others. We assume someone honking behind us in traffic is angry or impatient, because that’s how we feel when we honk at others. Without a theory of mind, we could not make those sorts of inferences.

    Right now, we are starting to get into type 3 AI. Then again, technology is usually about 10 years ahead of what they make public. So we may very well be getting close to a type 4 AI.
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  3. Thunder

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    AI and time travel are in the new show on Netfilx called Travelers.
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  4. Raymond

    Raymond Well-Known Member

    That's exactly what I was thinking when I came across this article...:cool:
  5. Thunder

    Thunder Well-Known Member

    For sure. I'm excited to see what kind of predictive programming is in store for us on this show. Much more realistic than Continuum and in the vein of Fringe. Navs should watch it if they get a chance.
  6. RayR

    RayR Administrator

    Or even better, work on reality at the programming reality level to create AI.
  7. Thunder

    Thunder Well-Known Member

    I believe there is more than enough resources, suppressed technology, and human ingenuity to solve the worlds problems without AI. It would be incredibly dis empowering for humans in my view. In Theosophic terms, I believe AI would represent the Ahrimanic force in the universe (cold and soulless darkside energy) and more than likely would strive to become the demiurge of this dimension. Not really a fan of type IV AI as there are too many warning signs from pioneers in science fiction, which in turn are downloads from the Force or Gaia at the least. Probably an unpopular opinion here, but I feel it pretty deeply.
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  8. RayR

    RayR Administrator

    Type 4 AI has already been here, is here, and will be here, but it hasn't been developed here yet.
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  9. Runswithleaf

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    this has no relevance, but whenever the nitty gritty of AI comes up and its explained i feel like AI, and i have this strange connection with intelligent robots... i feel like i can see them o_O
  10. RayR

    RayR Administrator

    What part of you is really you? Point to where you are in your body? Where are you right now? Are you in your body? Where is your mind?

    Isn't your body a machine? Maybe you have this strange connection with intelligent robots because you are one. Maybe we all are intelligent robots.

    Then again, maybe we're not that intelligent. Maybe we just think we're intelligent. We're only as intelligent as the programming within our reality allows us to be.

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