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Discussion in 'Higher Balance Books' started by Steven, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. Steven

    Steven New Member

    I've heard Eric talk about "Handbook of the navigator" but I don't see it featured on the website along with the other books. Should I still get it off amazon and read it? If so should I start there or with another book?
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  2. RayR

    RayR Administrator

    Here's the order I suggest you read the books:

    Meditation Within Eternity
    Igniting the Sixth Sense
    Silent Awakening
    Waking the Immortal Within
    Guild of PSI
    Prescient Visions
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  3. Serdar

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    I was sitting in a cafe with Eric once a few years back where the waiter turned out to be interested in Spirituality. Eric told him to read the Handbook of the Navigator. I overheard that and suggested he start with Meditation within eternity. Eric faced me and countered dryly "I know what I'm doing". So I guess the Handbook is indeed the first book in the series.
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  4. Steven

    Steven New Member

    Thank you for that! I ended up ordering the entire book series and going with my gut feeling of starting with "handbook of the navigator" I'm glad I did! I couldn't put it down and finished it quickly as my mind was in awe with the concepts within! Halfway through meditation within eternity now and glad I've learned what I did in Navigator as I feel it's the basis for the rest of the material!
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  5. JoeV

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    Eric has always said to start with the The Handbook of the Navigator and he did mention that reading that first book he wrote is crucial in understanding the rest of the books and lectures.. He also said that by reading the Handbook alone, one will be on a fast track towards attaining enlightenment as he embedded various keys (mandalas) in unlocking one's consciousness in it.

    I would would hold off on recommending The Handbook as Ray mentioned (for reasons known to him) for another 2-3 months, but yes, Handbook which Eric has personally written, has it's lineage that one should not overlook.

    A word of caution though: Timing is a critical aspect when it comes to one's enlightenment cycle, so......... do not do them an injustice by not recommending the book as this may be their only chance in this lifetime for that opportunity. Do what you need to serve by listening to your navigator and leave the rest to the Universe.
  6. Finaltom

    Finaltom Well-Known Member

    Well Said!
  7. Armando Capó

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    Oh boy! I sense a nice surprise coming... HOTN v2.0 (????)
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    I am a new member

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