We ban people. How about holograms?

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    If you think augmented reality is only fun and games, consider that we’ve already witnessed the first known police action taken against hologram technology. During the summer of 2015, a performance by controversial gangster-rapper, Keith Cozart, was shut down when local police discovered the musician was broadcast as a hologram into a benefit concert in Indiana—close to the border of his home state of Illinois.

    Cozart, who goes by the stage name “Chief Keef,” is from a rough neighborhood in Chicago, and has ties to local gangs as well as a criminal record including felony gun charges. His music, which glamorizes a gang lifestyle and violence, has prompted public officials—including Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel—to pressure music festivals to avoid inviting Cozart because they say it poses a “significant public safety risk.” Due to outstanding warrants for his arrest, Cozart can’t even return to Chicago, and so unable to perform in the area, he took the innovative approach of performing from California, but as a hologram beamed into the Indiana music festival. But even that was too much for police, and the performance was immediately stopped.

    The promise of augmented reality is that it will transform our relationship to the physical world—where we go, what we do there, and why we do it—all without changing a single thing about our real-world infrastructure. That’s an incredibly disruptive implication of the technology, but it will also prove to bring about some very real problems. We can already see the challenges still to come, and going forward we’re going to need protocols and policies that regulate augmented reality in order to maintain our real-world peace of mind.


    What do you think about this?
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  2. That is crazy, i also heard somewhere that they were going to have a tupac concert with a hologram, or maybe they did already?

    idk about anyone else but all i can think about when i see those holograms right now is star wars, its on point

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