Totally intense experience reading the books.

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    Hi there gang,

    I was able to purchase all of the books (except for Prescient Visions). I just finished Meditations Within Eternity and I gained so much from it. I have most of the modules already and listened to them. Yet, reading the words and hearing them in Eric's voice just seemed so much more personal and intense this way. The information and wisdom hit me harder and stronger this way and the things I didn't get fell into place.

    Actually after I finished Meditations, I meditated and listened to one of the Dreamscape tracks before bed and I had a dream that I was talking to Eric and he said that it doesn't matter how the information sinks in, it is just that it does. It was cool, I awoke eager to start the next book, which I will tonight. Plus, they have some bonus content online so it is a win win
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    Thanks for the confirmation!

    I had all the modules, too, and started reading the transcripts (and the books) and found a lot in them that I missed on the several times I listened to the modules.
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