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Discussion in 'Podcast: Rebel Guru Radio' started by Joe S., Feb 9, 2016.

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  1. Jonathan Lee

    Jonathan Lee Member

    My question is how a white cell should function? I know it seems very general but I'm serious. For example, we wake up in the morning. We do our multi-dimensional meditation. We then spend some time being mindful of the force. After that we do our normal DOE activities but how should we function now. Do we constantly feel our body? Should we be constantly mindful of the feels-like and the force. For as long as possible should we be looking for energy in the air, seeing auras, feeling energies from other people, trying to find the tone, constantly feeling our vibration or frequency? How far is to far or too much? Sometimes I feel like this and I feel like maybe I'm over obsessing with it. I almost feel like I need permission to continue so my babbler can leave me alone about pursuing my spirituality like this. I hope this makes sense.
  2. JoeV

    JoeV Well-Known Member

    If you do the part of being a white cell with a ritualistic approach, then you are doing it wrong. Its like going to the church on a Sunday and then thats it for that week. You have to be mindful of the force as much as you can in your day to day life, and yes you have to be aware of when you are surrounded by the red cells, that is when you can tone it down consciously and there in lies awareness.. The point is not to lose awareness because when you do, that is when you are in a red-cell state of mind, automating.

    Live your life around your spirituality, not spirituality around your life. Be aware of the force and spirituality as much as you can. God will only love you for over obsessing on it lol. Personally I'd rather "be" with God at all times, than giving it a brief moment of my time in a day.... There has to be a balance though, you should not neglect your duties towards your children, wife etc. and other commitments you have personally taken.. Doing your duty aka "Dharma" is also part of godliness.

    A simple trick that I use even when I was younger, is to see myself from a third person perspective, interacting with others or doing my day to day activities. That always kept me mindful. You can also focus on your breathing (which is automated) as well to center and be mindful of yourself as well. Try to catch yourself automating as catching yourself automate, brings you in the now.
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