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  1. Hello all, I'm a 41 year old from the state of Montana. I became interested in Remote View about three years ago. My situation in life allowed me some time to get real use out of my library card. I would spend a day walking through the stacks grabbing any book that interests me.

    I remember one day I picked up this one book that discussed a women spiritual travel from being a professional taking on the world to a spoon bender. I'm not sure if it was that book or a book it suggested but Eric Pepin was first introduced to me there. I did some research on-line and was surprise to not see pages and pages of people saying he was a con artist. I read Bending God (I read it cover to cover only stopping for bathroom breaks), that took me straight to The Handbook and could feel my tonal energy rising.

    Then life happened and I got sucked back into the doe. I see how easily that can happen. I'm joining this forum to stay engaged. Living where I do, finding people open to new ideas can be challenging. My journey has mainly been in my head up to this moment. I believe by interacting with the people on this forum I can take my training to the next level.
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    Hello Cassandra. Welcome to the HBI forums.

    Although the forum has been a little quieter lately, you should have no problem going back through some of the threads and reading up on some amazing discussions that have taken place here regarding HBI's teachings.

    For sure I would recommend to get the HBI books. They are a very inexpensive way to get up to speed on the teachings. The books are basically transcriptions of the HBI teaching modules and I am sure you will not be disappointed by them. They will also help you to stay out of the Doe, just make sure you start putting into practice the teachings as you go through them in the books, especially the Foundation Meditation.

    Also, do not be afraid to post your questions here as there are some very knowledgeable people around that can answer your deepest questions and doubts.

    Again, welcome. :)
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  3. I do have a question that I may have missed the answer to. My meditating was progressing with astonishing results. I focusing all my energy on a place of my own and am happy to report that I moved into exactly what I wanted. Unfortunately, sense I have moved in I haven't been able to get to the same tonal I was at my old place. I find this really surprising given that my old place I was surrounded with negative energy. I have also stopped using any mind altering substances in a hope of reaching a higher pure tonal with less impressive results. What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you
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    Congratulations on your improving situation. :) I am sure you are not doing anything wrong.

    I was just listening to Podcast 26 and your post came to mind. I think it is always beneficial, from time to time, to pause and feel, project gratitude for where we are. As a good friend is always reminding me, want for nothing and gain everything.
  5. Thank you, just what I needed to hear. I am so happy for what I have. I will embrace this time of happiness and not anticipate losing it.
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    Hi Cassandra. I am Casey. I am a sixty-three. I encountered HBI just four years ago but like you, have been curious about and in pursuit of the esoteric, occult and spiritual. ( just different words for the same thing) I too stumbled on to Eric Robison's book, Bending God, which led me to Eric Pepin. I have a feeling we might have other things in common. This community, that you are now a part of, is inhabited by smart ( and some very smart ), astute, discerning and intuitive people; just as you would expect. People who tend to know a little about a lot of things but have a particular gift. People who seem to know a lot about whole lot of things. Then there is Eric Pepin who pretty much knows everything about everything. He is irreverent, funny, bossy and an ever flowing fountain of pure knowledge. He exudes love. Being in the same room with him will shift your tonal. But the frosting on the cake is that this community is FULL of kind, patient, helpful, humble individuals... truly accepting and forgiving. There is no place like home. About your recent experience with moving to a new place. Eric Robison wrote ( and I can't remember where) that "...spiritual progression is like a river. When you ride that river you must consistently do your work or the current will sweep you back. But progress isn't linear or directly determined by effort. The river twists and turns. There are dry periods and deluge. The currents change. There are deep pools and places that demand you get out and walk. Then suddenly all that effort pays off by bringing you to a beautiful, calm river valley. The breezes are mild. Small water falls bring fresh water. The pools are full of fish. The banks are full of wild berries. The Source knows what we need better than we do. Sometimes we need confrontation and challenge to grow. Sometimes we need to rest back and watch the water flow. " This is by NO means a direct quote. I am sure I did not put it as well a Eric did. But it's been over four years since I first read it and it still means something to me. You should come to R.I in June. Welcome.
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  7. Hi Casey, thank you for your inspiring message. I do enjoy opening my mind, life does have its rapids and it's calms. I am trying to be open and enjoy the ride. The challenging times as well as the inspiring. I did have an "ah-ha" moment when Eric talked about always asking for more. I am so guilt of that! But no more... I wake up today to everything I have and all the endless possibility in the world.

    I'm excited to talk to you and the others in this community. So nice to find like minded individuals.

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