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    The chanting of ‘Om,’ or more specifically, Au, Oh, and Mmm is a scientifically-backed system of becoming more in touch with the infinite creative energy of the Universe. This isn’t a metaphoric energy, but a real, grab-a-hold-of-it-and-look-it-in-the-eyes energy which is absolutely alive and pulsating through everything. If you want to see what the sound Aum looks like on a quantum, energetic level, you can see it manifest as form in the following video. It is a resonance experiment that shows the geometric pattern, also known as divine geometry, which underlies all form. Though this experiment doesn’t reference Aum specifically, it shows the continually evolving complexity of sound at different Hz.

    Here are five, scientifically backed reasons to chant Aum today:
    1. Aum chanting positively affects pulmonary health.
    2. Aum chanting slows the heart rate.
    3. Protects us from mobile phone and wi-fi radiation.
    4. Aum chanting causes monumental changes in our brain chemistry.
    5. Aum chanting slows down the nervous system.

    Do you practice aums? What benefits have you had from doing aums?
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    I've done these quite a few times but not as part of a consistent practice. What would be considered a good session length? 5 minutes? 10 minutes?
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    I like doing 7 aums. There's something about the number 7. :)

    At 2nd Hawaii (Across the Universe), I was out on the shore road about a mile from the retreat center with 3 other navigators. It felt like there was a cloaked UFO in the sky above us so I suggested we do 7 aums to break open the clouds and reveal the UFO. So the four of us did 7 aums - long beautiful vibrant aums! After the 7th one, the sky open up a little off shore to reveal 3 scout ship UFO's. You could feel their confusion - like what just happened?!? lol Anyway, they moved around for about 2 minutes in circles like insects. Then they shot off in different directions and disappeared.

    The thing that was right above us that I felt was a UFO was still there. That 'cloud' didn't dissapate. That was June 2009. Fast forward to Lubbock Texas in the fall of 2009 where Eric talks about AI for the first time - AI in the cloud. Yup! That was the feels-like.

    I told that story to Eric in July 2015 when I was out to Santa Rosa to get my audio & visual upgrade certification. I can vividly recall several of these stories that people one hundred years ago would refer to as miracles. If you do what Eric teaches, you will be able to do it, too.

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