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  1. Thunder
    Pretty sure Eric could get on some shows on the Gaia TV network. Regina Meredith, George Noory, as well as Sean Stone's Buzzsaw.
  2. SteveP
    Hawaii is the furthest island on the planet from the major landmasses, surround by saltwater and is constantly growing new land (volcanoes)
  3. Tore
    ƷɸƸ even at vimeo
  4. Tore
  5. Tore
    one soul - human soul is one - human is zero - soul is one while human be humans. Two opts is connected or not - if in you all - out human
  6. Tore
    the res som things strange inmy neighbour hood whoooogon na ca ll ca u se itis no wits ti me im a reset T ero fall - dr op mo boo mb S ƷɸƸ
  7. Steven
    Happy to be here with you
  8. Kris
    Hello Higher Balance!
  9. Finaltom
    You gotta love, to get hit, with a Ton of Bricks, once in awhile!
  10. Runswithleaf
    Runswithleaf Serdar
    hey, i saw you lived in NY, would you still like to meetup?
  11. Tore
    peace homes
  12. Tore
    this wessel - in a unified and planned - sense of direction. I am 35, tired of life, cause my dedication is for a future for all - one soul
  13. Tore
    integrity - honesty - sincerity - listen - including - with all eyes watching - it is up to all eyes to begin the re-creating - let us guide
  14. Tore
    Find it - figure it - know it - feel it - share it - shape the transition - this is for everyone so for all the transition need to be open
  15. Tore
    Only full dedication both under highs and lows take not the eyes of the end - the exact localisation of this planets source of destruction
  16. Tore
    I am dancing slow in the very dark - be peace when I go - after what need to end I dedicate my life - I hurt as human - I yearn for peace
  17. Tore
    and a minute after the previous post I got the flow from 2004 . satori - 12 years I yearned - --- words no explain
  18. Tore
    sense in - after discovering soul-Satori - I loose it-again--Search-in-hurt - I rediiscover-my self-again-alone-in-a-shell-we-re-one-soul---
  19. Chris Jones
    Chris Jones
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  20. roger2388
    roger2388 Mai
    That's a great quote Mai! Thanks for posting it.