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  1. Aaron Gannon
    Aaron Gannon
    Laying a Good Foundation
  2. Aaron Gannon
  3. Aaron Gannon
    Aaron Gannon
    Blowing off the dust..
  4. Cory W
    Cory W
    What are the properties of time?
    1. Cory W
      Cory W
      Time is realitive. (It changes when we observed or think of it)
      We see what time does to matter, not what it is.
      Time space changes with proximity to more dense matter. (Black hole)
      Time is the ultimate measurement of everything.(according to the movie Lucy)
      Time must be measured by two pieces of matter, one acting as a POR, point of reference. Ideas? Thoughts?
      Feb 20, 2017
  5. Cory W
    Cory W
    Anythoughts on the movie "Midnight Special"?
    1. Cory W
      Cory W
      I just finished the movie and damn..... A being of light living inside a human...(nothing new)....and a civilization of beings watching and recording human progress on top of us, hidden. I found it cool that so many actors were involved with its making. The dialogue had many dramatic pauses. Real focused communication. Like they were in a very interesting state of mastery mind. And Kylo Ren was cool to see.
      Feb 20, 2017
  6. casey
    casey SteveP
    Can you explain to me how to send you a link here? I am sort of a techanachronism. I emailed myself an article I think you may like. It is sort of related to your "Blind Spot" post. I don't want to start a thread.
  7. Blantonrc
    Can't wait for Red Curtain II :-0
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  8. Sue Bond
    Sue Bond
    Paying attention to the tones.
  9. Runswithleaf
    how to stay detached and unemotional in political arguments?
  10. Finaltom
    After typing for 3 hours, an observation of an event. My comp, bugs out for the first time in 10 years and everything is erased. Is it me?
  11. Runswithleaf
    Things are going well at the moment
  12. Finaltom
    Two down, One to go. R.I.P. Mom!
  13. Thunder
    Pretty sure Eric could get on some shows on the Gaia TV network. Regina Meredith, George Noory, as well as Sean Stone's Buzzsaw.
  14. SteveP
    Hawaii is the furthest island on the planet from the major landmasses, surround by saltwater and is constantly growing new land (volcanoes)
  15. Tore
    ƷɸƸ even at vimeo
  16. Tore
  17. Tore
    one soul - human soul is one - human is zero - soul is one while human be humans. Two opts is connected or not - if in you all - out human
  18. Tore
    the res som things strange inmy neighbour hood whoooogon na ca ll ca u se itis no wits ti me im a reset T ero fall - dr op mo boo mb S ƷɸƸ
  19. Steven
    Happy to be here with you
  20. Kris
    Hello Higher Balance!
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